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Let us help you. Rooted in 40 years of experience in civil litigation, Breck Seiniger can help you get the best outcomes in your case. Contact Breck today to discuss your case

Mediation Services

Breck Seiniger is a trained mediator with 40 years of civil litigation experience. He knows both the risks and potential rewards of bringing a case to trial, and can help you determine if mediation can save you time and money.’s arbitration experience includes serving both as an arbiter and as an attorney advocate for parties in arbitration.

 Mediation is an art: the right person can find solutions to complex conflicts that leave all parties satisfied. Breck takes this art seriously, and has trained at Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, the #1 rated mediation program by US News. He has also been coached in negotiation strategies by the late Harvard Law Professor, Roger Fisher, author of Getting to Yes


Litigation Consulting

Going to trial on a big case?  Seiniger Law can help with litigation consulting. Breck Seiniger is an experienced trial lawyer and can assist either as trial counsel or with trial preparation, courtroom technology, or litigation strategies.

If it has to do with litigation, chances are we've been there. We know that complex cases can be difficult to take to trial. Our team can provide insightful, practical solutions and strategies that can change the outcome of a trial. 

Breck Seiniger has over four decades of experience helping juries absorb key elements of a case with his creative and memorable approach. Let his experience make a difference for you and your clients, in the office or the courtroom.


Sometimes the best way to help your client may be a referral to, or association with, an attorney who has a track record of success in personal injury, workers' compensation, and other matters. When your refer a client to us, everyone wins:

You win. . . because you can have confidence that the case will be handled by a firm with a depth of personal injury litigation experience.

The Client wins. . . because we know how to obtain full value for their case.

And we win. . . because referring attorneys trust us, we know it is a vote of confidence that we are fulfilling our mission—to fight for just compensation for the injured.

Our firm is committed to providing superior personal service to our clients, including case preparation, negotiations, and representation at trial.